Hi, I am Sally Blanchard of Companion Parrot

I have loved birds since I was a child and many years ago I started a collection of bird-related artwork and collectibles, which I am now selling one ETSY.  For 20 years I created Rare Hardwood Inlay Bird Sculptures. They were incredibly intricate and sold at high prices. I had to stop this career suddenly in 1990 ecause of injuries in a car accident.  Luckily I got my first companion parrot in 1976 and as a sideline had started working with parrot shortly afterwards. I started doing consultations to help people have the best companion parrot possible and eventually started doing my own magazine that at one time went out to over 1,000 readers. At first it was called the Pet Bird Report but then I changed it to The Companion Parrot Quarterly. I have written over 25 books on parrots, The Companion Parrot Handbook is still considered the best parrot book on the marked today. It is both informative and enjoyable to read with lots of humor. About a dozen years ago, I started doing my Tongue-in-Beak Clayworks but more about that in the next message. You can check them out on my ETSY Pattern website. 

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