Sally Blanchard's Companion Macaws: The Big Ones and the Little Ones


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MACAWS: The Big Ones and the Little Ones
Written and Illustrated by Internationally Known Parrot Behavior Consultant Sally Blanchard
30 pages
- Often the Gentlest of all parrots if treated that way
- A Few Macaw Basics
- What Macaws Have Taught Me
- Seeing Scarlets in the Wild
- Gradually Meeting Macaws of Many Species
- Problems with Production-raised Macaws
- Super Cuddly Potential
- Wonderful Game Players
- Over-excitement as a Macaw Trait
- Macaws are Strong Flyers
- Considerations in Getting a Large Macaw
- Environmental Needs
- Losing Control and Becoming Afraid of the Big Beaks
- Becoming Cage Territorial
- Macaw Talking Abilities
- The Importance of Regression Weaning
- Macaw Communication
- Not Everyone is Right for a Macaw
- A Few of My Experiences and Stories
- A New Person in the Relationship
- Getting Older
- Re-home a Macaw in Need of a Good Home
- Incredible Companion Potential in Exchange for Nurturing Care and Friendship
- Basic Macaw Personality Profiles of the Companion Macaws