Companion Amazons: The What You See Is What You Get Parrot by Sally Blanchasr


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COMPANION AMAZONS: The What You See Is What You Get Parrot

Written and Illustrated by Internationally Known Parrot Expert Sally Blanchard
156 pages

Sally Blanchard´s parrot illustrations throughout the book.
Chapters on:
- the myth of the one-person parrots,
- understanding and preventing aggression,
- Amazon overload,
- converting Amazons to a healthy diet,
- rescue and re-homed Amazons,
- elderly and handicapped Amazons,
- body language, verbal communication,
- bathing,
- gentling exercises,
- natural history, species profiles,
- Sally´s experiences living with Amazons for over 3 decades,
- Sally´s consultations with Amazon caregivers, and more